Be Safe With Your Files: Use An Online Back Up Service Provider

1Most probably, you have experienced the pain of losing all your files because you did not make a back up. You just imagine those years when you have carefully  kept all those documents. The most painful thing is that, there is nothing that you can do to get them back. This is the reason why it is really important to have a back up of all the files you’ve stored in your PC. You will not be able to predict the time when the files are lost.


There are other people who believe the backing up your files in the USB or flash drive is already enough. But these storage devices may also get infected by the virus which may lead the loss of your files. Another disadvantage of using this kind of devices is you may not update your files regularly because you are busy or you have forgotten about it. This is the reason why online backup service is more ideal to be used. This is also great for storing files and retrieving them. It is ideal to use the online backup because you can guarantee that your files are safe and secured in a different location.


Although there are many companies which provide online back up services, do expect that all of them are great in giving the services. You should follow the tips how you can select the most effective online back up service provider. This is because the provider has different features to offer. You will also have the option to either use free or paid software. Choose the one that meets your needs.


You should know the features of their services. Your primary feature is space. Some of the service providers have limited space, but you will also find others who have unlimited space. Choose the unlimited one if your purpose for using it is for business. 2GB is enough already if you are just using it for personal purpose.


When choosing the service, check out the time frame when you can open the file. It is ideal to ask the provider about how long you can use the archives. In order for you to retrieve the files easily, you should arrange the files according to priority and titles.


Make sure you choose the one which is compatible to both non-Windows and Windows PC. It is also a good choice if you will select a provider which can allow you to open the account in several computers. Other services which they may offer is customer care and operating system support. In order for you not to have problems losing your files, you must make sure that the online back up service provider you choose is credible.


The online back up service must be reliable, affordable, accessible, and with lots of space. You can figure out the price of the space per dollar. Whenever you can, choose the one which can provide you big space at a minimum price. By comparing, you will be able to narrow down your options. Lastly, you should opt for the one who can protect you from hackers. A good place to go to and ask for this services will be at


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